The majority of modern tankers are designed to fulfill a very specific purpose. 

Tips for Buying Used Tankers

Tankers are merchant vessels designed to store and transport liquids and gasses in bulk. Most tankers fall under one of three categories: oil tankers, chemical tankers, or gas carriers. However, some tankers also carry commodity products such as molasses, vegetable oils, and even wine. These merchant vessels can range dramatically in capacity from several hundred tons to several hundred thousand tons depending on their intended use.

Purchasing Tankers

It's possible for merchants to purchase Tankers for sale from shipbrokers who are specialist intermediaries and negotiators capable of facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers of these large vessels. Some shipbrokers cover multiple disciplines, while others specialize in specific sectors. Those who are looking into used tankers should ensure that they are buying from a shipbroker that has the right skill set, knowledge, and contacts to facilitate this type of transaction.

What to Look For

Purchasing a tanker constitutes a major investment for just about any shipping company, so it's essential that these companies seek out dedicated and professional brokers and do their due diligence regarding used ships. Find out how long the tanker has been in use and what it was previously carrying in addition to inquiring about price, the location of the tanker, and its general operational condition. What's great about buying used tankers is that these behemoth transport ships are designed to last, so there are plenty of high-quality used ships available at far lower prices than those associated with commissioning the building of new tankers.

Design Considerations

The majority of modern tankers are designed to fulfill a very specific purpose. They are made to carry specific cargoes and take specific routes and may not perform other tasks as well. For instance, merchants looking to transport materials with a high vapor pressure at ambient temperatures should look into vessels that have pressurized tanks or recovery systems, while those who wish to transport heavy crude oil, residual fuel, or asphalt may require tankers that have heaters.

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